If you’re searching for Auto Insurance in Austin or the areas surrounding Austin, TX you’ve come to the right place. I started this site after the insurance on a car in my household got raised dramatically. After seeing a friend go through a similar process, I know that I was not the only ones affected by pricey insurance, so I decided to start a site that would serve as a resource for people like myself.

Where to start? This site has several sections that you might find useful.

If you’re a cut to the chase sort of person and want to get straight to the buying, make sure you check out our Get Auto Insurance Section. Here we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the best and most competitive companies for Austin drivers.

If you are new to this whole subject, you might want to know a bit about how car insurance quotes are priced. This is stuff you don’t really learn in school, and some people can really get a bad deal because of it. It’s surprising how many people buy this product without really understanding what is going on under the hood. If this sounds like you, make sure you take a look at our Understanding Car Insurance Quotes Guide.

Some of us can’t accept face value. When a friend recently called for a quote on his new car, one famous company tried to raise the premium by over 2000 dollars above the previous rates! Obviously in cases like this, you have to check learn how to fend for yourself. If you think you’re getting the short end of the stick, make sure you check out the Tips on Getting Cheap Auto Insurance section. This is perhaps our most popular section.

Finally, if you’re shopping around and making calls, it doesn’t make sense to waste your time on companies that don’t want to offer you a competitive price. We’ve taken the time to compile a list of car insurance companies that service Austin and the surrounding areas. You might want to start here if you’re committed to making the rounds yourself.

I really hope you find these resources helpful. I’m constantly updating them and searching for the best tools and tips for Austinites to use in searching for auto insurance, so if you have any comments of information you think we should know about please contact us using the form to the right. Happy shopping!